Committing our energy for good

Sembcorp India, as a responsible independent power producer, holds a strong commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainable operations. We are driven by our purpose to play our part in building a sustainable future. In addition to generating enough power from our operations in SPSR Nellore District to light up ~2.64 million households,our community initiativesand interventions are designed and implementedto deliver long-term valueto our communities.

Our focus areas and progress

Sembcorp's CSR activities are making a sustainable difference by aligning all its initiatives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).


Sembcorp endeavours to bring quality healthcare closer to local communities through its health interventions.

Total beneficiaries


Sembcorp’s Arogya programme

Continuing our commitment to sustainable community development, Sembcorp rolled out Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) services in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Rajasthan as part of our Arogya programme. The aim is to provide primary preventive healthcare services to underprivileged communities, covering more than 45 villages across the four states, benefitting 1,00,000 individuals.

The programme helps improve access to basic primary healthcare services and promotes health awareness among communities within our areas of operations. It facilitates medical camps and provides free medicines and treatment for common ailments like cough, cold, fever, and covers both communicable and non-communicable diseases. If necessary, chronic cases are referred to the nearest primary healthcare centres for follow-up.


Communities Emergency Medical Services

Emergency care is one of the foremost priorities that we identified to serve the communities. In scenarios where every second can save a life, such as road accidents, pregnancy-related emergencies, snake bites, burns, poison intake cases among others, emergency medical services are of utmost importance. Over 70 such cases saw timely intervention, as a precursor to hospitalisation, thereby helping save several lives.


Our medical infrastructure development support for COVID-19

Tele-ICU consultant support through NGO, I am Gurgaon

Sembcorp initially supported Medeor Hospital, Gurugram with Tele-ICU equipment, to improve the medical infrastructure of hospitals and help them handle the COVID-19 challenges better. Under this consultancy, we provided proactive and holistic care for critically ill patients, via video chat and minimised the risk to bedside nurses, while maintaining a high level of patient care. Later, we shifted our support to GH Akola & Jalgaon, MH. Equipment will be finally shifted to COVID-19 treatment hospital at Tuticorin.

Tele-ICU equipment assisted the doctors to attend 90 patients virtually, 71 of which were emergency calls. Patients’ real-time conditions were discussed and monitored through Tele-ICU in more than 6,000 instances. We have also donated ICU ventilators, RT PCR system and antigen test kits to St. Ann’s Sacred Heart Hospital, Tuticorin.

Enzymes Linked Immune Sorbent Assay (ELISA) testing machine at IRCS, NHQ, Delhi

We supported Indian Red Cross national headquarters with ELISA for processing blood and antibodies in COVID-19 blood samples, and helped reduce blood contact through an automated process.

  • 1. We provided equipment and infrastructure support to site-level PHC Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) and Government hospital (GH).
  • 2. We gave safety kits, thermal scanner, oximeter, centrifuge machine (for blood test) and Nebulisers at various PHC and GH near the operating assets.
  • 3. We provided 9 Haematology Analysers to COVID hospitals to serve COVID-19 patients at CHC and PHC.
Upgrade for COVID-19 treatment hospital, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu

Medical infrastructure support in terms of high flow oxygen and ICU ventilator, RT PCR system and Antigen Test kits, Safety protection kits and laptops for video conferencing with doctors.

Conducted test for COVID-19 symptomatic personnel to contain the spread of the virus in 10 local communities.
  • 1. Conducted awareness campaigns in villages and facilitated COVID-19 tests for members of the community with symptoms
  • 2. Distributed 10,000 reusable masks stitched by women trained at SEDC among the community to mitigate COVID-19 transmission, in addition more than 16,000 masks were distributed in other parts of the country
  • 3. Conducted 40 community sanitisation drives in 25 villages covering 5,500 families in the vicinity of our power generation site in Nellore
  • 4. Distributed more than 23,000 PPE kits, multivitamin tablets, sanitisers and soaps in the communities. In addition, sanitisation drives were organised in the villages to minimise the spread of the pandemic.
  • 5. Extended medical support to the migrant workers’ COVID Care centre at Krishnapatnam.
  • 6. Distributed 18.7 tonne of rice and 30.7 tonne of wheat in 56 villages around various SGIL operating sites.
  • 7. Distributed 63,000 food packets and meal kits among communities.


Health camps
Sembcorp recently conducted medical camps in Nellore. As part of these camps, medicines were provided free of cost to local communities from surrounding villages. More than 250 people benefited from the free medical check-ups.

"Community Emergency Ambulance Service is a boon for us. It bridges our access to hospitals in case of emergencies such as road accidents, snake bites, poisoning, and labour pain among others. In such scenarios it is indeed a lifeline for us.

Name: Nellore Nagaiah

Age: 54 years

Resident of: Isakadoruvu village Mandapam Panchayat (Farmer)

The ambulance service is a noble initiative from Sembcorp that the local community has immense faith in. It has played a crucial life-saving role on many occasions by providing necessary connectivity and SOS medical attention.

Name: Devera Konda Kameswaramma

Age: 31 years

Resident of: C S Puram village (Home Maker)

The RO water plants set up by Sembcorp is of great help for the residents of the nearby villages. Despite the high salinity levels of available water, the CS Puram plant is kept up and running by Sembcorp, offering easy access to safe drinking water.

Name: V. Raju

Age: 32 years

Resident of: C S Puram village (Self-employed)

The water bodies near the coast were saline and badly damaged. The raw water sources in Nelaturupalem in particular present a constant challenge and there is always a need for frequent upkeep. The households engaged in fishing are the biggest beneficiaries of this facility and we are immensely grateful to Sembcorp for its commitment to provide safe drinking water to the settlements in the neighbourhood.

Name: Kodi Veeravasamtha Rao

Age: 23 years

Resident of: Nelaturu Palem village (Self-employed)

Total beneficiaries

2,740 children



Education plays a vital role in the growth and development of any economy. To nurture young minds and educate them, we provide scholarships and infrastructure support so that they contribute to the nation’s sustainable development goal of Quality Education (UNSDG# 4).

Providing safe drinking water to communities


We built 13 water treatment plants at TP Gudur, Muthukur, and Nellore. These plants will make water free of excessive chemicals and contamination, enabling better health for the community, particularly benefiting pregnant women, children, and the elderly. Over the coming years, the capacity of the water treatment plants will be ramped up from 1,000 to 3,000 litre per hour, depending on the needs of the community.

Empowering women in local communities, enhancing livelihood

Women empowerment initiatives organised by Sembcorp Entrepreneurship Development Centre (SEDC) have touched the lives of 450 women in four panchayats. The Centre, in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Cooperation, has rolled out a programme to provide training in stitching jute bags, for local women. Thirty women from TP Gudur Mandal are undergoing training on making various kinds of jute bags and pouches.

Sembcorp imparts vocational training to local women and youth, as part of its CSR initiative, through its in Nellore.

Support given to the TP Gudur police station

Sembcorp supported the construction of the T P Gudur Modern Police Station as part of its project commitment to the community to help in facilitating and strengthening the police in maintaining security in the area. This modern public-focused police station will encourage greater interaction of citizens with the police, while creating a congenial work environment for the men and women in uniform. This model police station built by Sembcorp is provided with the latest amenities that will help motivate the police force and further enhance the presence of the Nellore police in the district.

T.P Gudur Modern Police Station’s total area is 0.7 acres. The police station, built over an area of 3,000 sq. ft, is designed to include modern amenities and infrastructure to make people feel at ease and comfortable in terms of space, cleanliness, functionality and privacy. The police station is designed to be friendly for the differently-abled. It has a help desk, station head room with attached restroom, separate room for storing armour, separate room for writer, case diary file stockroom, record room, cafeteria, separate toilets for men and women. The building is designed to provide sufficient area for police personnel.

Total beneficiaries

733 (Thermal + RE)

Skill and entrepreneurship development

To empower local communities with skills and transform them into potential entrepreneurs, Sembcorp has been initiating various skill and entrepreneurship development programmes for rural women and youth. The company provides vocational training in areas of agriculture, tailoring, beauty and grooming services, making of candles, incense sticks and basic computer skills.

Sembcorp has established the in Nellore. The centre is at present imparting training in tailoring, basic computer skills, AC and refrigeration repairing and other entrepreneurship skills to aspiring women and youth. At our renewable sites, vocational trainings in tailoring, candle and incense sticks making are being imparted to the local women.


Being responsible towards our environment
  • Sembcorp's 2,640-MW supercritical power plants in Andhra Pradesh are certified under the Integrated Management System (IMS) (ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018), a globally accepted and recognised system.
  • Sembcorp's supercritical power plants in Andhra Pradesh saved 12.5 crore cubic litres of potable water by using seawater and recycling water for power generation in FY 2020-21.
  • Sembcorp's renewable business in India generated 3,247.217 million units of power and helped in reducing more than 2.695 million tonnes of CO2 in FY 2020-21.
  • To date, ditto has planted more than 9 lakh trees that help in absorbing ~5,487 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Green Green Belt Initiatives

Sembcorp’s supercritical power complex has been actively working towards building a green cover as a part of its environmental commitment. The company has developed a green cover by planting saplings to develop a dense green belt in and around its area of operations. In a bid to transform the power complex into one of the greenest power plants, already more than eight lakh saplings have been planted across 750 acres in the adjoining area. About 40 different plant species like Royal Palm, Palmate, Cyrus, Areca, Bauhinia, Conocarpus, etc., have been planted and nurtured in the local habitat.

Conserving Groundwater

Our supercritical power plants use seawater for generating power and eliminating the use of precious groundwater.

  • Annually more than 4 billion litres of seawater are desalinated for use in our supercritical power plants for power generation.
  • Over 169 million litres of effluent and sewage treated in a year, which is used for the green belt and dust suppression in one year.

Low Carbon e-Vehicles Fleet at Supercritical Power Plant

In continuation to our commitment to operate our facilities in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner, electric vehicles (EVs) were introduced at our supercritical power plants in Andhra Pradesh. Our EV fleet comprises a mix of e-cars, e-scooters and e-buggies. Charging facilities have also been installed within the power plant to fuel the green fleet. The green fleet is used for commuting employees for their day-to-day plant operations, making transportation clean and more energy-efficient.


Our long-standing commitment to sustainability is foundational to our passion to do good, to work closely with our community to improve their quality of life and empower them in an all-encompassing manner. At Sembcorp, sustainability is firmly linked to our ability to deliver long-term value and growth to all our stakeholders. During the year, we remained focused on our path towards business success, built on the foundation of operational, environmental, social and governance sustainability.



families with access to clean drinking water

Saved around


crore cubic litre of potable water by recycling sea water



trees to help absorb 5,487 tonnes of CO2emissions



million units of clean energy in FY 2020-21

Enough to light up


million homes



million tonnes of CO2 emissions

Equivalent to


million trees absorbing CO2

Total beneficiaries


Sustainable Agriculture

At our renewable energy sites, through our soil health management initiative, we are sensitising the farming community on sustainable agriculture practices. These trainings help farmers learn about cropping patterns, irrigation techniques and ways to leverage soil texture for better yields. Through this initiative, agricultural productivity and income of the local farming community has been enhanced.