Prioritising Health, Safety and Environment



Our Company’s thermal power assets located on the east coast of southern India at Nellore are designed in accordance with a promise to conserve environmental sustainability. These assets are based on the supercritical power generation technology, which makes them operate at lower emission levels compared to subcritical power plants. Our Company uses sea water, which eliminates the need to use precious ground water. Moreover, 100% of our Company’s coal is transported through coastal and trans-ocean shipping, and last-mile connectivity through the two closed-pipe coal conveyor belt systems. This assures safety, backup, reliability of coal logistics and environmental compliance. The assets are actively monitored for emissions as per the guidelines set by the MoEF and CC, CPCB, and APPCB.

Your Company completed the statutory requirement of developing a dense green belt in and around its area of operations. More than 1,27,000 species have been planted. The Conocarpus Erectus and Casurina plant selections are based on eco-suitability and sustainability with environmental merits.

At Sembcorp India we have adopted scientific methods like establishment of dust extraction, dry fog dust suppression, dust suppression, stockpile dust suppression and application of bio-pesticides for greenbelt development. Peripheral planting along the inside of the compound wall has been taken up with three tiers of plantations. We have developed 405 acres at SEIL P1 and 340 acres at SEIL P2 afforestation. We have conducted environment mock drill on chemical spillage and response and have taken proactive steps in streamlining waste management.


Coal is transported through
coastal and trans-ocean shipping


Species of plants have
been planted


ETP/STP water used for
greenbelt watering in FY 2020-21

ISO Certification:


The health, safety and well-being of our employees, subcontractors and all related personnel are critical to our business growth. We have made health, safety & environment the core values of our Company and have implemented high standards of safety measures to ensure healthy and safe working conditions for all the employees, contractors, visitors, and customers at our plant.

To strengthen our safety culture, we ensure that all hazards and risks are identified, and control measures implemented to reduce risks to as low as reasonably practicable, investigate all near-misses and first aid learning events, and implement corrective and preventive actions. We sincerely endeavour to continually improve our work practices. As a part of our continuous effort to build a safe workplace, we have implemented the Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) programme at our plants and plan to include psychological safety and human performance principles to further strengthen our safety culture.

Informal discussions with Contractors, Associates and Front-line Engineers were initiated to understand and resolve safety concerns and expectations with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Online session for employees on ‘Effect of COVID and Long Social Isolation’ and ‘Situational Awareness and Mindfulness’ were conducted by a psychologist. The COVID-19 protocol was also strengthened at both plants and the township.

Engaging with employees about safety protocols

Across our units, we curated programmes directed to ensure continuous management of safety at all our premises. Some of the programmes initiated were:

  • Monthly safety theme communicated through daily mailers, HSE video quiz and Toolbox Talk for greater awareness among employees and associates
  • Monthly safety video quiz for better understanding of combination of causes that lead to disasters and share learnings from them. This had significant impact on employee’s awareness and helped in reinforcement of safety system
  • Skip level safety townhalls are being conducted with employees and associates by the senior management to enhance psychological safety and action points are being implemented
  • Various safety competitions and safety awareness training programmes are also being conducted for township housewives, SHE ambassadors and children
Regular training camps

To strengthen the safety process and achieve employee safety, regular training programmes were conducted during the year. A yearly calendar is prepared for HSE departmental activities and inspections to ensure tracking. Some of the highlights are:

  • Training of departmental safety champions completed. 22 safety champions from P-1 and 18 safety champions from P-2 will work closely with safety team to further improve safety systems.
  • Trade-wise safety training and assessment conducted for grinder, welder, gas cutter, rigger and electricians by joint assessment team of mechanical, electrical and safety.
  • Monthly and safety teams are conducted.
  • Mandatory safety training for employees and associates are conducted on recruitment.
  • Organised Road Safety Month 2021 Campaign and awareness campaigns at plants and township.
  • First aid training camps were conducted for AMC workers by Apollo specialist Doctors.
  • Half-yearly mock drills were conducted to continually strengthen the onsite emergency response plan.


Workers trained by doctors
during first aid camps

Timely audits

As part of our strong governance framework, we remain committed to strengthen our internal processes and commitments. Third-party audits also form an important aspect to assessment to validate our ongoing commitment towards making a sustainable entity. During the year, we conducted department wise internal and technical audits. All audit findings were communicated to concerned departments for closure as per timeline. Process Safety Gap Assessment Audits are also conducted by an external agency. Illumination Survey, Noise Survey, Fire Safety Audit, TG Floor Stability and H2 HAZOP study were also conducted during the year.

Rewarded for commitment

Sembcorp India was awarded four Green Triangles after three levels of evaluation at the National Safety Council (NSC) with 91% score. BBS performance significantly improved. The Safety Index increased to 93%. Sembcorp Received the ‘Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Corporate Recognition Award’ for the third consecutive year (2018-2020). The corporate award was given in a virtual event organised by the Forum of Behavioural Safety, India.