SEIL’s management processes, including our commitment to the environment and sustainability, reflect the robust governance practices of the Sembcorp Group. Our operations are guided by the Group’s principles for impactful outcomes, which include shared responsibility, continuous improvement, openness, accountability and statutory compliance.

Our thermal power assets, located on the east coast of southern India, are designed for environmental sustainability. These assets are based on supercritical power generation technology, which makes them operate at lower emission levels compared to subcritical power plants. They use sea water, which eliminates the need to use precious ground water. Moreover, 100% of our coal is transported through coastal and trans-ocean shipping, and last-mile connectivity through the two closed-pipe coal conveyor belt systems. This assures safety, backup reliability of coal logistics and environmental compliance. The assets are actively monitored for emissions as per the guidelines set by the Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board. Fly ash generation in the asset is kept below 50% of the design.

The Company has been developing green cover by planting saplings to develop a dense green belt in and around its area of operations. More than 8,00,000 saplings of 60 different species have been planted. These plant selections are based on eco-suitability and sustainability with environmental merits.